Hotel service with unmatched cost savings and selection through our NDP (National Discount Program)

Because Disaster Happens … (Anytime, Anywhere)

A flash of lightning from the sky strikes your policyholders’ home, and within seconds they face an inferno and instantly become homeless and helpless.

Home Source emergency response team will spring into action and, with your approval, we will begin:

  • Contacting the family in 15 minutes or less to identify their needs, whether it’s a kitchenette, handicapped accessibility, or pet accommodations; we have what they need. To report a loss click here.
  • Providing them with convenient hotel options within your budget approval, and walk them through turn by turn directions ensuring they reach their destination safely.
  • Giving them a confirmation number and a contact at the hotel who will welcome them upon their arrival.

Home Source Corporation orchestrates the entire hotel process, including locating a hotel nearby that fits the particular needs of each family, and arranges all room and tax payments.  This practice will save you both time and money while enhancing the experience for your policyholder to ensure retention and to set the tempo for the rest of the claim.

You deserve more choices for less!

Home Source Corporation has partnered with one of the largest hotel search engine providers worldwide and has come to market with the hotel exclusive NDP (National Discount Program).

This program will allow your company to save anywhere from $20-$60 per night, while allowing you access to thousands of hotel chains all across the United States. Whether your Cat Team needs a block of rooms or a special needs family requires unique necessities, you will save time and money with NDP.  The next time a hurricane strikes the coast of Florida or there is a brush fire in California, our courteous emergency response team will be there every step of the way allowing you to save each and every day!

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