We keep the insurance company free of liability

Our legal team has created documents that indemnify the insurance company from any legal obligation.  Our paper work makes it explicitly clear that the lease regarding the temporary residence is between the policyholder and the said landlord.  The insurance company is also clear of any damages or financial obligations that may arise while the policyholder resides at the temporary location.

We provide the service that is remembered long after the claim has been forgotten. ..

Security deposit issues can be very time consuming for the adjuster and could be financially burdensome for the policyholder. The refundable deposit is the last transaction in the temporary housing process so it is important for retention to go the extra mile.  At Home Source:

-We provide an extensive binding document that surveys the entire property thus eliminating discrepancies as to the condition of the property.  It also ensures peace of mind for return of the security deposit.

-When agreed upon by all parties, we set aside a portion of the security deposit in an escrow account bearing interest and further protecting their deposit.

-They say a picture says is worth a thousand words, so we send out a camera upon move in to visually capture the condition of the property.

-Our contract ensures that the policyholder can stay as long as you approve.  They will have the first right of refusal with a 30 day notice to vacate the property.

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