We find homes faster for less

There is a delicate line between providing excellent home choices while maintaining a physically responsible budget. Home Source, with our strategic alliances, has created an innovative solution that will change the platform from which all other benchmarks are made. We have created a HSC (Housing Source Computation) optimization program. This software runs diagnostics and factors in logistical variables factoring in financial stipulations with family dynamics to compute the matching properties for your policyholder to guarantee a match in less than 24 hours.

We keep you in control

For quality assurance purposes, with unmatched accuracy, each claim is led by one point of contact from inception to completion. All you need to do is contact us or submit a claim online and tell us what you need. You create the budget or we can give you a fair market evaluation. With us, a family never sees a home without your budget approval; we make sure you are in control.

Solutions for every claim

Every claim is different from the size of the family to the extent of the damage. Our solutions are as unique as the families we service. We can provide wheel chairs or install ramps for the elderly or disabled, put up temporary fences for pets, and even place mobile homes on site for families who need to stay on the premises.

Constant contact

Adjusters love our desire to make the calls that save them time. We work closely with you, your restoration company and the policyholder to ensure that all timelines are met and schedules stay on target.  We make more calls than anyone in the industry, allowing you to move on to your next assignment. Each adjuster has their preference and we will contact you via e-mail, twitter, fax, or phone. Contact us now!

ALE made Easy!

We have helped thousands of family members get through some of their toughest times while creating amazing friendships through the process. We have received just as many ‘thank yous’ from policyholders as adjusters. If you want hassle free ALE, stay the course with Home Source!

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