The founder of Home Source Corporation entered into this industry back in 2001 in response to 9/11 with one goal…to help those who help others.  Home Source Corporation has invested countless hours in closed door meetings, with inlfuential leaders from every venue of this business sector, and has created strategic alliances that are changing how A.L.E. services are brought to market. 

We have comprised a board of directors from the most prestigious universities throughout the country to accomplish this goal.  Our board members spent years working in, consulting with, or speaking to insurance companies.  We have studied how to reduce ALE expenses and lighten the burden to the adjustor, all while creating a positive experience to increase retention with your policyholders.  These goals are being accomplished daily with the onset of many of our best practices approaches.

  • Insurance companies are saving 10-20% on hotels with our Hotel NDP (National Discount Program).
  • Families are moving in faster for less money with our HSC (Housing Source Computerization) optimization program.
  • Adjusters are maximizing their time by utilizing our Emergency Funding services to get money now to those who need it.

Begin to enjoy what so many others are now experiencing and no longer tolerate average costly services. What you do for your policyholders is nothing short of extraordinary, and you should expect nothing less from your A.L.E. provider… when they need it most, give them your best… Home Source Corporation.